Roulette in an online casino

Online roulette is one of the most popular games among gamblers. Today, not a single online casino can do without it. The developers take into account the popularity of this game. Therefore, they regularly present new variations of the online roulette. Depending on his own preferences, the player can choose a classic slot or a modified online game here.

Features of the slot

The point of this game is to guess the number. A ball hits a spinning wheel with numbers ranging from 1 to 36. After a few rotations, it stops at one of the sectors. If the user guesses the number, his bid is automatically increased 35 times. It is important to note that you can bet not only on numbers, but also on color (red or black), as well as on:

  • row;
  • column;
  • dozen.

The bets appear on a table with a green cloth, on the surface of which numbers are depicted. Online roulette is available to users in demo mode.
Online Roulette Varieties

There are three main types of roulette:

  • European: classic type with one zero;
  • American: in comparison with European, it has two zero sectors (more profitable for the casino than for the player);
  • French: if the ball hits the zero area, the player receives half of the bet.

The most profitable type of roulette for players is French. It is important to understand that roulette is a cyclical game. When the ball falls on a specific number and all payments are made on it, the game starts over.

Roulette bet types

Many users who have not dealt with gambling believe that it is enough to bet money on a specific number to play roulette. If the ball stops at the guessed position, a win will be received. As a rule, the rate is increased 35 times. In addition to the classic, there are other types of bets:

bet on one row: the chips in this case are on the outer line of the row;
Bet on two numbers: the chips are lined up, which is divided by two numbers on the playing field. If you win, the bet will be increased 17 times;
Corner bet: A bet on 4 numbers, also called four of a kind. In this case, the chips are placed at the intersection of lines inside a square, which consists of 4 numbers.
The simplest bet, which is popular with newbies, is the black or red bet. The chance of winning in this case is 50/50 (if we exclude the possibility of the ball hitting the zero area).