Engineering Team
Build Something
That Truly Matters
Help build one of the largest and most sophisticated models of the English language ever made. Work autonomously and also collaboratively on superior solutions that scale.
Collaborate with a team of modest go-getters (sorry, no egos) in an environment that encourages professional development and idea sharing.
Build products that truly help people improve their lives through improved communication. We have a market of over 2 billion English speakers!
Perpetually Complex
Our engineering team is building one of the largest, most sophisticated models of the English language ever made. Bloggr’s proofreading engine analyzes sentence structure, remote dependencies, and word semantics, all while continually improving itself.
Scalability Mavens
To support our text analysis engine, we’ve created a scalable multiservice back end that handles millions of daily requests (and counting) worldwide, and works seamlessly with social networks, mail services, browsers, and MS Office applications. So scalability is a growing need (no pun intended :-).
Addicted to Stability
We rigorously engineer fault-tolerant, highly available, low-latency services, and we test, deploy, and support our product 24/7. All of this is currently done by a small engineering team. Come join us and help us improve our systems even more.