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70% of surveyed students reported an increased level of writing confidence
99% of surveyed students reported an improvement of writing grades
84% of surveyed students reported an improvement of grades in general
Writing Assistance for All Levels
Bloggr’s online writing assistance and plagiarism tools encourage polished grammar, better overall wordsmithing, and a professional writing style.
“Used Bloggr to proofread half of my doctoral proposal last night. An unbelievable tool worth checking out for anyone's academic writing!”
Tania Sterling, Educational Executive
400+ Points of Bloggr Checking
Bloggr checks for more than 400 common grammar errors, saving time for both students and faculty.
Plagiarism Checker
Bloggr's integrated plagiarism checker instantly catches plagiarism from over 16 billion websites and ProQuest's proprietary databases.
Bloggr integrates with your browser and MS Office. Polish your writing in real time on the web, in MS Word, and on major learning management systems.
Backed by Research & Millions of Users
Bloggr conducted a student survey that demonstrated the following:
70% reported an increased level of writing confidence
99% reported improved writing grades
84% reported improved grades in general.
Higher Education
Today, nearly 50% of faculty members say that freshmen are not adequately prepared for college-level writing. Bloggr works one-on-one with a student to develop essential writing skills, reinforce proper revision habits, and prevent plagiarism.
The National Center for Educational Statistics estimates that more than 75% of high school graduates are not proficient writers. Bloggr helps younger students prepare for college-level writing. Is your school doing enough?
Libraries & Research
Bloggr grants your library a wide range of writing and research support services to offer your students. As a customer, you can give your students direct access to grammar tutorials and paper revision support through your library’s website.
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