Learn Your Homophones: Pear, Pair, and Pare

Pair: two of something, usually that are similar or go together. For example:

I’m going to buy a new pair of shoes.
Johnny and Sally make a cute pair .

Pear: a fruit. For example:

Rufus is eating an apple, and I am eating a pear .
The pear was ripe and juicy.

Pare: trim (something) by cutting away its outer edges; cut the skin off of something; reduce (something) in size, extent, quantity, or number, usually in a number of small successive stages. For example:

Each summer he pares a large number of branches from the trees in the backyard.
When making an apple pie, pare the skin off the apples first
They have significantly pared down the number of people on their team.

Now that you know the difference between these words see if this sentence makes sense to you:

Before I eat them, I will pare this pair of pears .

To learn more about confusing words, read this post about word pairs.

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