12 Aquatic Collective Nouns That Will Make Your Heart Squee

12 Aquatic Collective Nouns That Will Make Your Heart Squee

You know what to call a group of cows or sheep, but do you know the names for groups of animals in the ocean? Why neglect your friends under the sea? Learn which animals congregate in a cast today!

Collective of herring is an army.

Army of Herring

Attention! Most fish swim in schools, but herring swim in armies.

Collective of oysters is a bed.

Bed of Oysters

Buried in the sand of the ocean floor or on the beach, you can find a bed of oysters. Clams, too, are found in beds. Is that why they are so famously happy?

Collective of crabs is a cast.

Cast of Crabs

A cast sometimes refers to the actors who work on a television show. At the beach, the only cast you are likely to see is a cast of crabs.

Collective of octopuses is a couple.

Couples and Pairs of Octopuses

According to one commenter on , when it comes to octopuses, “two is company, and three’s a crowd.” Octopuses tend to go solo unless they pair up to mate.

Collective of whales is a gam.

Gam of Whales

Gam is an archaic word for a social party. Its origin is unknown, but it may come from a nautical term referring to a meeting of whaling ships at sea for the crews to exchange news. Is that why whales, being the social creatures they are, are sometimes called a gam when they meet up together?

Collective of seahorses is a herd.

Herd or School of Seahorses

People who keep aquariums may have several , which they might call herds or schools. However, because seahorses don’t really hang out together in the wild, they don’t have an official group name.

Collective of dolphins is a pod.

Pod of Dolphins

Most people remember that dolphins swim in pods. According to , if food is abundant in an area, several pods of dolphins join together to form a super pod. Pod may also refer to groups of whales or seals.

Collective of sea otters is a raft.

Raft of Sea Otters

Most rafts are made of wood, but it you see a furry one, it may be made up of a group of sea otters. They like to float on their backs as they chow down on tasty mussels and abalone.

Collective of jellyfish is a bloom.

Smack or Bloom of Jellyfish

A group of jellyfish is called a smack. Ocean currents determine where jellyfish drift, so if there is a strong breeze, thousands of jellyfish may be blown into the same area. That huge group is a bloom.

Collective of sharks is a shiver.

Shiver of Sharks

A group of sharks is a shiver, and that’s what you might do if you see one of them swimming near you. But don’t worry, they prefer to eat other sea creatures. If a group of them eats together, it’s a frenzy.

Collective of krill is a swarm.

Swarm of Krill

What about the little guys? A group of krill is called a swarm. Just in case you’re wondering, krill are the shrimp-like crustaceans that whales love to eat.

Collective of sea snails is a walk.

Walk of Sea Snails

Not every sea creature swims. Some of them prefer to promenade with their friends. Sea snails move pretty slowly, which is why we call groups of them walks.

How many of these did you know? It’s cool to learn about animal collective nouns, isn’t it? Why not learn about the names for adorable baby animals next?

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